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RUTH: Fearless Faith


How to demonstrate fearless faith when trouble comes your way:

1.   Carefully and prayerfully make decisions. 1-5

·      Focus on the spiritual…not the physical.

·      Honor the Lord…not the enemy.

·      Walk by faith…not by sight.

2.   Confirm the motivation for your actions.  6-7

3.   Confession is better than cover up. 8-14

4.   Commitmentallows you to experience God. 15-18

Ruth commits to:

o   a new land.

o   new leadership.

o   a new lifestyle.

o   a new Lord.

o   with no limitations.

Orpah represents people who think they can find happinessapart from God.

Ruth represents people who believe true joycan be found only in God.

5.   Check your attitude. 19-22


What trouble has led to some necessary decisions?

Action Step:

How will you be fearless and honor God in the midst of your situation?

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